What is Rapalytics?

Rapalytics is a website dedicated to analyzing and extracting useful information from Rap Lyrics. Remember all those arguments about who the most lyrical rapper is? Now you can use Rapalytics to put that to rest! Find out who has the dopest rhymes, largest vocabulary, slickest similes or the dirtiest mouth! With over 150 artists and over 1000 albums, the list only keeps growing!

Why Rapalytics?

There has been some discussion about the decline of lyricism in Rap. Is it true? Well Rapalytics will help you answer just that! Also imagine a world where computers understood Rap like you did! In that world, the computer would knowwhat Rap track you'd want to listen to next :)

Whats in store for Rapalytics?

The creators of Rapalytics aren't very satisfied with existing music recommendation systems that don't pay a lot of attention to lyrical content. For a genre like Rap, lyrics are critical! So Rapalytics will slowly roll out lyrics enhanced recommendations by Fall 2015. Stay tuned!

Who made Rapalytics?

Rapalytics was brought to life by the collabortive effort of Yung Pug and Dr. Ostrich

How do I get involved?

If you like the idea and want to get involved, please leave a message here.